2020 Leadership Olathe Student Application

More Than 30 Years of Building Community Leadership
A program of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce

Application to Leadership Olathe is open to persons who have or are currently living, attending school or working in the Olathe area. Student program participants are nominated by a school administrator and selected by the Leadership Olathe Steering Committee. Student selection is based on individual merits contained in the following application. All candidates must have the full support of the school and parents/guardians. This includes the support of administrators of school extracurricular activities, such as sports and arts organizations. Leadership Olathe requires a serious commitment of time and focus. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. In reviewing the applications, Leadership Olathe looks for potential participants who demonstrate the following criteria:

• A commitment and motivation to serve the community.
• A demonstrated background of community involvement or a sincere commitment to become involved.
• A history of leadership or evidence of potential leadership in one’s school, organization or community.
• The ability to make the time commitment required by the program.

School administrators may apply for youth scholarships to cover the $1100 fee of tuition by submitting a scholarship request form found at leadership.olathe.org. Limited scholarship funds are available for those organizations in need. Organizations applying for tuition assistance must meet all guidelines and criteria. Scholarship request form must be completed and submitted with student application to be considered for financial assistance, which is determined by the Olathe Chamber of Commerce Foundation Fund and Olathe Chamber Board of Directors.

All student nominees must complete the following application. However, completing this application does not guarantee selection. In order for this application to be deemed eligible, all questions must be answered and include required signatures. Applicants are also required to submit two letters of recommendation with the application. Candidates will be announced by December 14, 2018 . Please read all instructions carefully. If you have any questions, please contact Beth Felski at bafelski@gmail.com.

    I. Contact Information

    II. Education

    III. Employment

    IV. You and Your Community


    Complete these sentences:

    G. List any volunteer political, social, civic, or religious organizations in which you are currently active:

    YesNoPossibly in the future

    V. Purpose

    VI. References

    Please list two persons who are knowledgeable about your leadership performance and potential. Submit a letter of recommendation from each of the persons listed below with your application.


    VII. Commitment

    Attendance at all Leadership Session is mandatory. Leadership Olathe sessions take priority over extracurricular activities. Please refer to program schedule for session dates.

    A. Applicant Signature

    With my signature, I swear that all statements in this application are true. I understand the purpose of Leadership Olathe and if I am selected, I will devote the time and resources necessary to complete the program. I further understand that my attendance at all sessions is mandatory and takes priority over extracurricular activities. I also understand the above commitments and agree to be bound to them by signing this application.

    B. School Administrator Signature

    As a school administrator, I will support this applicant’s participation in the 2018 Leadership Olathe program by assuring that this applicant can attend each session and his/her teachers/coaches understand the commitment of participating in the program sessions.

    C. Parent/Guardian Signature

    As the parent, I will support this applicant's participation in the 2018 Leadership Olathe program by assuring that this applicant can attend each session.